lets guac about it

July 19, 2018
Cabo Fresh Lets You Bring the Fiesta Home

For over 25 years, Cabo Fresh has constantly been improving to bring families the best flavors possible. From mild guacamole that can feed a crowd, spicy guacamole for the more daring consumers, or even single-serve cups of fresh and delicious guacamole, Cabo Fresh has been committed to delivering a better experience.

2017 has been a busy year for the company. This year, efforts have been made to not only give back to the community, but to continue innovating better authentic guacamole products for all to enjoy. True to their word, Cabo Fresh delivered on both promises, as well as successfully ended one of many exciting promotions, the Golden Guacamole Giveaway.

Now, Cabo Fresh line of guacamole is taking things to the next level with their new Fiesta style guacamole. The Fiesta style will feature a different flavor profile as well as a chunkier consistency. This makes it ideal for scooping up with tortilla chips, topping a delicious burger, or piling high on some nachos.

Starting with only the freshest Haas avocados, the chunkier guacamole is sure to delight guacamole fans from all over. But the flavor doesn’t stop there. The new Fiesta style’s flavor profile is further accented by the introduction of a new, proprietary vinegar formula which adds an extra layer of tang to an already delicious snack. It also helps to add a layer of smoothness for a delicious, authentic tasting guacamole experience.

Cabo Fresh is already a trend setting brand in the packaged guacamole market. Cabo Fresh Guacamole was the first USDA and GOCA certified organic guacamole to hit the shelves in the United States. They have further introduced new avocado pressing techniques that have maximized food safety without compromising on flavor.

Their current product offering spans different corners of the guacamole pallet. From the previously mentioned organic offering to spicy, mild, and even snack cup sized product, there’s a Cabo Fresh variety to love and entice any guacamole fan.

The new Fiesta style guacamole will initially be available in 12oz containers with plans to expand to different sizes over time. The product will be available in supermarkets soon so guacamole lovers rejoice: Cabo Fresh fiesta style guac is on its way.