lets guac about it

July 19, 2018
Spice Up Your Life With New Lime Jalapeno

We know that guacamole lovers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’re committed to providing bold, fresh flavors to please your pallet no matter how you choose to enjoy your guac. From chunky to smooth and all points between.

However, there are some of us out there that need a little extra kick. For those of you who like to spice things up, take it up a notch, and feel the heat: there’s Lime Jalapeno. With the bold, spicy flavor of jalapeno and the tangy zip of lime; here’s a flavor to please the heat seekers out there.

Natural Allies

Lime and jalapeno are synonymous with guacamole. In fact, these great flavors have been a cornerstone of guacamole culture for years. Drawing on fresh ingredients, traditional flavors, and of course, delicious taste: this newest offering from Cabo Fresh is equal parts a bold step forward and a respectful nod to the diverse history of guacamole.

Can’t Stand the Heat?

Of course, spice is a subjective sensation. What seems mild to one taste may cause a five-alarm fire in another. At Cabo Fresh, our lime jalapeno flavor is prepared to provide a hint of spiciness without overshadowing the complexities of the other ingredients and flavors.

By layering the recipe to ensure a consistent taste in every bite, Lime-jalapeno provides a touch of zip and spice without overpowering the senses.

How Will You Enjoy It?

New Cabo Fresh Jalapeno Lime is meant to be enjoyed in one simple way: The way you want! In our travels, we’ve encountered any number of ways to enjoy the taste of guacamole. No matter how you choose to guac, we salute you!

Of course, we do have a few ideas to get you started!

  • Dip and Scoop! Sometimes low tech is the way to go! Cabo Fresh lime jalapeno is a great way to spice up your chip game.
  • Kick the heat up on a burger. A dollop of guac makes a great burger topping. Lime jalapeno guac takes things to a new flavor plateau.
  • Add a cool, spicy zip to a fresh summer salad. The chunky flavor of guac has been used as a salad topping for years. Add in the flavors of lime and jalapeno and you’ve got a summer salad worth bragging about.
  • Take avocado toast to the next level. There’s no end to the toppings, flavors, and textures that can be added to make avocado toast one of the most popular snacks around. The tasty flavors of lime and jalapeno make a great addition and will put your avocado toast game on point (pun intended).
  • Bagel time. Now hear us out. Cream cheese gets all the glory, but a bagel is just begging for guacamole. A few shmeers of lime-jalapeno guac sets a great base for smoked salmon, tuna, or a BLT. Is your mouth watering yet?


New Bold Flavor, Same Great Taste

With tasty chunks of delicious jalapeno, and a touch of lime; Jalapeno lime is sure to please. Building off our new recipe, the Lime and jalapeno flavored guac will be offered in 12oz containers and available wherever your favorite Cabo Fresh flavors are found.

So for those looking to translate their spice goals into flavor wins: lime jalapeno guac from Cabo Fresh has you covered.